Do you really know why visitors leave your site?

Eliminate the guesswork and boost your conversion rate with this simple tool

This is not just another tool in your online marketing armoury, it could literally be the only thing you need to have if you are serious about maximising the ROI of your existing online marketing activities.

The best part is that even a tiny improvement in conversion rates makes a big difference in the bottom line. There are numerous analytics providers that can help you improve the website usability, to name just a few: Crazyegg, Clickdensity and Google Analytics. However, my personal favourite is ClickTale.

ClickTale has become an industry leader very rapidly due to its great features, ease of use and integration. This is great you would say but how this is going to help me increase the conversion rate?

You can view recordings of what each visitor does on your website as if you were sitting behind him and looking over his shoulder. This can be quite useful for example when:

  • Members of your team can’t agree about the design of a landing page (happens with everyone)
  • Your had a recent redesign of a website
  • There is a high dropout rate on your check out page

If you have a highly trafficked website watching every visitor might become overwhelming over time but there are simple ways to analyse the data and quickly identify issues with your landing pages. The way to get round this is to use reports, identify where the issues are and then view recordings only of visitors that experienced these issues. Some of the reports I would recommend to pay attention to:

Conversion funnels – one of the most important reports, lets you see at which stage users leave the conversion process. You can identify issues in the conversion funnel by viewing recordings of users who left the site at a certain stage. Also great for comparing conversion rates for different marketing channels. Conversion funnel reports are highly customisable and could be scheduled to be sent by email.

Conversion funnel report. Analyse when visitors drop out and where they go after leaving each stage.

Form analytics – you can find out how users interact with your forms: which form fields make your users abandon the funnel, how long users spend on each field, which fields are left unfilled. Extremely useful for designing and optimising forms. When using ClickTale for optimising an application process for a job board I realised that users ignored/didn’t notice a tick box to agree with the terms and conditions which was a mandatory field. Making the tick box more prominent increased the conversion rate by 100% overnight. A simple change made such a big difference that it was hard to believe.

Form analytics. Find out how visitors interact with your forms.

Custom Events – lets you set up events which could be used for filtering visitor recordings. For example, events could be a visit to a registration page and a submitted form. This allows you to segment your visitors further. You might want to look at recordings of all visitors who came to the registration page but did not submit the form or you might want to identify recordings of users who submitted the form to see how they interacted with it.

Heatmaps – I find this particularly useful for new designs. You can quickly identify what remains unnoticed by visitors, how far down the page they scroll and which links and content are ignored. That certainly gives you a lot of room for optimisation.

Heatmaps. Discover what attracts visitors’ attention and what remains unnoticed.

Happy optimising! Watch your conversion rate increase and be prepared to meet a growth in demand.

Note: I have no affiliation with ClickTale, I simply find it to be a helpful tool for the CRO