Set Adwords Accounts with Your Successors in Mind

What Moving Houses Has in Common with Taking Over Adwords Accounts

I am sure that anybody who had to inherit Adwords accounts from predecessors will understand what you have to go through to get the house back in order. The only comparison that comes into mind is when you move into a new house and you know that it’s not perfect from the very beginning but only then you start to realise how bad things are when you start living in there.

You need to move furniture round, clean the carpets, paint the walls and do a lot of other things you don’t particularly enjoy but have to do to make it work.

How much common it has with being presented with an Adwords account as part of your new job. You always ask yourself the same question “who did this and why?” And of course to find answers to this question is not only a waste of time but also doesn’t get you anywhere, so all you can do is roll your sleeves up and get down to dirty business.

Things that can make your successor’s life hard come in different shapes and forms but let’s just look at the most unpleasant ones:
Low quality score low search volume keywords 
This one needs to be eliminated straight away like farrow ants. If you don’t do something about it they will infest your house. These little unpleasant things start from one shelf and then take over your kitchen, the next thing you know they are already in your bedroom!
Solution: Kill these keywords fast and be very brutal about them. If they hardly bring any traffic  and spoil your ad groups, campaigns and eventually your account, do you really need them?
Mixing Search with Display Network Campaigns
If you actually want to understand what is happening in your account, need transparency and don’t want to pay blindly for unknown clicks, don’t mix the two types of campaigns.
These settings are very easy to change. Click on “Settings” tab in your campaign and choose “Search Network” only for Google Search campaigns and “Display Network only” for content network campaigns.
Display network type of campaigns is a completely different animal to Google search. Display Network deserves separate campaigns and can be extremely good for your business but it requires a different strategy, optimisation and general looking after. If you mix the two types you will lose control over your campaigns and won’t be able to properly optimise your account.

Irrelevant keywords with low CTR
If you sell a washing powder don’t advertise dishwashers in one ad groups. It could be tempting especially if your distantly relevant keyword has got more search volume but it doesn’t make any sense to attract people to visit your product category pages if they are looking for something completely different. By attracting irrelevant audience the click-through rate of your ads decreases, the quality score gets low and you get non-qualified traffic. Why would you want to pay for visits from people who are not interested in your product in the first place. It is a waste of an opportunity to sell to somebody who actually wants what you offer.
Solution: Add only relevant keywords which represent the needs of your audience that you can satisfy with your product.
This is by no means the complete list of surprises you get when you are handed over a new Adwords account but they are some of the most evil ones. When you do set up campaigns think about people who will take them over from you later on. Don’t leave time bombs which will explode at some point.  Be nice…

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